Dr. Jonathon Welch AM

The founder of Social Inclusion Week, Dr. Jonathon Welch AM has a long-standing passion for social justice and an overarching commitment to the community.

Considered one of the finest tenors of his generation, Welch is also a man of the people. Throughout his career, he has applied his talents and passion to numerous community and youth education initiatives; including the creation and direction of some of Australia’s finest community choirs, Sydney Street Choir and the Choir of Hard Knocks, now known as the Choir of Hope & Inspiration.

Through the Choir of Hope and Inspiration, Welch applied his musical talents to develop a non-profit choir for the homeless and disadvantaged, providing an opportunity for participants from divergent and often disadvantaged backgrounds to come together and enjoy creative expression and involvement. In doing so, these people develop greater self-esteem and a sense of belonging and community engagement.

Realising the potential of similar projects to connect people, encourage participation and form communities, Dr. Welch devised the concept of a National Street Party, the pinnacle celebratory event within Social Inclusion Week, which is a valuable awareness generating tool for governments, councils, educational institutions and other community bodies.

A Word from Jonathon...

Thank you for supporting Social Inclusion Week!

The inaugural Social Inclusion Week in 2009 was a huge success, 2010 was even better with many wonderful events held across Australia, then in 2011 Social Inclusion week really sizzled.  During the 4th annual Social inclusion Week, we built upon the ealry successes with more than 180 events across the country!

We want to touch the lives of even more people, and return to the values of a community that truly cares for each other and takes responsibility for supporting those who need a helping hand. Just a simple smile can make a world of difference in someone's life.

Please mark Saturday 25 November - Sunday 3 December in your 2017 calendar, and start thinking about how you're going to celebrate in your local community by hosting or attending a events over the week.

Register your event through our website to let people in your community know about it so they can get involved.  We want to help you, so check out the range of resources available to get you started.

Let's work together to make a difference and take a stand to fight loneliness and isolation. Let's put Australia on the map as the country that cares. 

Collaborate, Connect and Celebrate in your part of Australia during Social Inclusion Week 2017!



Dr. Jonathon Welch AM 
Creator of Social Inclusion Week
Australian of the Year - Local Hero 2008 
RMIT Communicator of the Year 2008
ANZAC of the Year 2008
Founding Music Director: Choir of Hard Knocks, Choir of Hope & Inspiration, The CHO!R

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