Community Events & Street Parties

National Street Parties are the essence of Social Inclusion Week as they are events created by the community for the community.   These grass-root events can take many forms -  council hosted resource sessions, forums, sporting events, BBQ's, music concerts, etc - but the main theme is that they provide an opportunity for community members to engage with one another and foster a sense of belonging.

How communities get together isn't as important as why!  Through events of this nature, Social Inclusion Week hopes to encourage people to reconnect with one another, provide a forum for education and improve awareness on social inclusion issues.  SIW has bookend weekends to allow people to more easily participate in NSP activities.    

If you or your organisation is hosting a SIW event, please register the details on our website. This allows interested people to attend and helps SIW track the number of events occurring around Australia.  Once we receive the registration form, SIW will help advertise your event and will provide you with promotional materials.