Rotary and Social Inclusion Week

In eight short years, Social Inclusion Week has been embraced by communities in major cities, regional centres and small towns across Australia. We are delighted that Australian Rotary has become a major partner in this important initiative.

 Social Inclusion Week aims to help ensure all Australians feel  included and valued, giving everyone the opportunity to  participate fully in society. It’s about connecting local  communities, workmates, family and friends in order to build and  strengthen relationships and networks, addressing isolation and exclusion by supporting people who may be unable to help themselves.

We encourage your Club to get involved. There are many ways to promote Social Inclusion in your community. We have three suggestions for your Club for Social Inclusion Week 2017.

Idea # 1 : Rotary Community Picnic / Street Party

Hosting a Street Party or Community Picnic is an ideal way for Rotary Clubs to connect with your community. Pick a venue and connect with local traders, council, schools, arts and sporting groups, and health and aged care providers. Think about how you can engage isolated members of your community.

Take a few minutes to look at the many events on the site - the good folks in Bayswater, Victoria have conducted a Street Party for each of the past four years with many organisations in their area having become involved, working together to build a more inclusive community. There are many ideas on their event page. 


Idea # 2 : Rotary “Social Inclusion Forum” meeting

A Rotary Meeting is an ideal setting for a Social Inclusion Forum. You could add a touch of “QandA”. (You may recognise the logo from the ABC television program!!).  Consider inviting members of a range of groups in your community with whom you have little contact, or you see as isolated or not connected with the mainstream. They could be newly arrived Australians, members of emerging churches, welfare groups that support mental health or care for older Australians.

Your meeting could have a Q and A style forum/discussion, perhaps stimulating ideas which your Club could adopt in 2017. Consider rotating your guests to different tables during your breakfast /lunch/dinner, so members can engage in discussions with guests from more than one group. You could set a discussion topic for tables around Social Inclusion issues and table ‘hosts’ could share the ideas with the Club and guests.


Discuss with your club, then register your event and be a part of Social Inclusion Week 2017.